Welcome to Tejosma technologies

Tejosma is focused in developing world-class real-time analytics software solution for organizations. Tejosma has taken a step towards creating a software solution which generates predictive and intuitive information to solve complex and evolving next generation business challenges of performance. The solution helps measure revenue model, decisions and clients’ sentiments across the value-chain of an enterprise to make it more sustainable and profitable in the long run.

In our endeavor to build and ship such a platform, we have released an end-to-end Intuitive Investor Intelligence solution called as Jaamoon Blink for financial institutions of India. Jaamoon is an investor-centric platform which, after adoption by the entire organization, directly increases the top line of a Stock Brokerage firm and radically helps them serve their clients better to earn their loyalty and trust.

How we began

Tejosma started with a vision to harness mobile revolution that was taking place in India. After having developed an innovative inventory and accounting management mobile application for Diamond traders, soon it was realized that there was a much larger space for mobile solutions in Stock Broking industry. Thanks to the Diamond traders who led our way to the Stock Broking industry.


We aspire to be a strong technology company with a view to create intellectual property in predictive and intuitive analytics solution.

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To know how our solution is transforming Indian Stock Broking industry please email us @ info@tejosma.com