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Shri Gnanesh (alias Sunil) Gala, a member of the Gala Family, is the President (Finance) of Navneet Publications (India) Limited for more than 25 years. He was inducted into the family business at a very young age. Soon after his completion of graduation, he had to give up his studies and shoulder the responsibility of managing the key areas of finance and taxation of the group, under compelling circumstances. However, with his analytical mind and eagerness to learn, he has been more than successful in this challenging assignment, being a visionary.

It was at his initiative that the partnership form of business blossomed into a corporate entity, bringing in its wake enhanced transparency and shareholder value. The corporatization also resulted in better administration and control of the business. Turnover and profitability became more visible on account of amalgamation of all activities in one company.

As President - Finance, Sunil Gala has taken several initiatives to accelerate the company's top-line and bottom-line growth. At his instance, Navneet is attempting to capitalize on the emerging Technology in education, such as e-Learning, with a concerted effort to eliminate the traditional line between education and entertainment for children.

It is Navneet’s vision to be a household name amongst parents, children, students and teachers across the country and worldwide. Also to be the first choice product company for schools across India. It is his mission to work tirelessly for the enrichment of the Children's world of Edutainment, contributing to the child's character and career building.

A person with a genial nature, Sunil Gala has maintained personal rapport with Financial Institutions and other Industrialists. With his business acumen, expertise in matters, financial and visionary planning, Shri Sunil Gala has forged the strength of the Group to a healthy and powerful corporate entity. Under his competent functional skills, the Group has, year after year, adopted strategies to ensure synergy of operations. The result of this is evident in the scintillating financial results of the company.

Under Sunil Gala’s guidance and philanthropic nature, the Company will continue to fulfill its social responsibility on an ongoing basis towards society in whatever best possible manner.

Mr. Gala guides Tejosma team to create a sustainable and profitable business.