Jaamoon Blink, a world-class Intuitive Investor Intelligence solution for Financial services organization helps:

  • increase top line revenues
  • protect clients’ investments
  • serve clients in a more systematic way

Jaamoon with its real-time analytical capabilities generates Intuitive information that is actionable, measurable and conclusive

Jaamoon with its Investor-centric business processes ensures investors are sufficiently reached, their investments are protected and the organizations’ research information is capitalized in full

Jaamoon with its unique Intelligence capabilities enables the organizations to fine-tune their revenue models continuously

Jaamoon is built on a technology platform that has capability to generate events based on rules, high volume transactional and statistical data, and real-time stock market data. For more information please download the brochure here.


Tejosma's consultants and/or partners help customers roll-out the solution. It takes typically 12 to 16 weeks to integrate, customize and roll-out the solution into production. The time may differ based on customizations and number of exchanges connected. Users adoption may take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the number of users. Tejosma's consultants and partners help customers prepare a plan for user adoption of the solution, problem/solution knowledge base and troubleshooting guidelines to ensure successful and effective roll-out.