About Us

A decade of transforming investment management industry

Tejosma Technologies has been boot-strapped to create a powerful platform which can maximize revenues for organizations through intuitive client engagement enabled by software Robots. Our strong foundation has been built by passionate team members, advisors and customers.

We have been fortunate to work with customers in Indian Capital Markets segment who have shown patronage towards developing global data-driven innovative products which solve complex problems.

We have many firsts to our credit. We are the first ones to automate Research Life Cycle Management, making the entire process data-driven. We are the first ones in India to make Relationship Managers / Dealers engagement with their clients data-driven.

We aspire to be the first one globally to transform client engagement.

Our Vision

To help organizations use every resource like human, machine, datum and technology to create value for their clients in every engagement

Our Mission

To be a major global player in producing intelligent software robots