Jamoon for Capital Markets

Maximizing Revenues from Advisory





Data points mapped 


Years of learning inbuilt 

Jamoon platform comes with pre-built activities that are custom designed for Capital Markets Organization (CMO). At a given point, an average customer instance may execute 1000 technical instructions across 302M Data Point Instances. The rich set of ever-growing activities carry our learnings over seven years that prove critical to achieve your KPIs and maximize your advisory revenues. The Activities and Data Points in the platform keep getting added based on strategy or KPI to be implemented.

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Robot for Capital Markets

Adoption of Research Advisory is less than 0.01% of the total clientele-base


Focus and improve the critical KPIs

JARO helps you track and manage two critical KPIs – Participation and Exiting ratio vital in maximizing your revenues from Advisory. JARO has over 25 inbuilt activities mapped to over 57 data points. At any given moment, JARO can execute over 100 technical instructions covering 107 M data points instances.

JARO is a BOT created from a platform that is packaged to suit your needs. The Robot is available in various forms (L1 through L6) designed based on the complexity of tasks and intelligence your business needs. Please contact sales for more information.

JARO-L1 selects investors (initially discrete and then through learning) and integrates with application connectors through all the advisory life cycle events.





Improvement in exit ratio KPI


JARO-L1 added additional revenues


JARO-L6 added additional revenues


Improved advisor productivity


Enhanced internal user productivity